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Low Price Tire Guarantee

Why buy tires anywhere else, when your Ford Dealer offers all of this:

    13 major brands

    30-day price guarantee

    All makes and models

Valid on dealer-installed retail purchases only. Requires presentation of competitor's current price ad/offer on exact tire sold by dealership within 30 days after purchase. See Service Advisor for details through 12/31/15.

15,000 Mile

Fuel Filter
 (Plus Filter Diesel Engine) $75.00
 (Gas Engine) $64.95

30,000 Mile

Fuel Filter
 (Plus Filter Diesel Engine) $75.00
 (Gas Engine) $64.95
Wheel Balance $49.95
Basic Alignment $59.95
Brake Caliper Services
 (2 Wheels) $79.95
 (4 Wheels) $149.95
BG Throttle Body Cleaning $39.95

60,000 Mile

BG Brake Flush $109.95
BG P/S Flush $169.95
BG Air Induction Service $179.95
Replace PCV Valve (Contact Advisor for Special Pricing)

90,000 Mile

BG Coolant Flush
 (Car - 1 Gallon) $169.95
 (Truck - 2 Gallon) $189.95
Transmission Flush $199.95
(Automatic Transmission CVT Transmission - Contact Advisor for Special Pricing)
BG Axle Flush (up to 3 quarts of fluid) $119.95
Tune Up (Contact Advisor for Special Pricing )

The Works

Oil, Tire Rotation,
Multipoint Inspection $39.95

Other Services

4 Wheel Alignment $69.95
Oil Change $24.95
BG Mass Air Flow Cleaning $59.95

Maintenance of your car or truck - selling the benefits

Air Filter - the front line of defense an engine has to fight dirty air with is the air filter. Every molecule of air entering the engine comes through the air filter. Since every bit of crud in the air flowing into the engine stays in the filtration material the air filter is made from, the air filter must be replaced at regular intervals. This restriction can result in poor engine performance and poor fuel economy. Replacing your air filter can substantially improve engine performance.

Fuel filter - even though modern fuel injected engines use less fuel than the carbureted monsters of years past, the fuel filter must still be changed regularly. A lack of fuel can cause sluggish engine performance and even internal engine damage. The fuel filter is a crucial part of the fuel system because it ensures that no contaminants get into the engine that can cause internal problems.

Automatic transmission service (for some import vehicles only drain and fills are recommended) - an automatic transmission is a very complex mix of moving parts, seals and valves. Like your engine oil, over time automatic transmission fluid breaks down. When this happens this contaminated fluid can do damage to your vehicles transmission. A regularly scheduled automatic transmission flush removes contaminated fluid and removes harmful sludge. If done on a regular basis a transmission flush can give you peace of mind for many years.

Coolant/Anti Freeze service - coolant like all the fluids used by your vehicle has a tendency to break down over time. When the coolant breaks down, more stress is placed on your radiator and your engine begins to run hotter than normal, even during the very cold outside temperatures. Gunk and mineral deposits also build up effectively reducing your vehicles overall performance. Prolonged use of bad coolant can result in radiator damage, requiring you to replace your radiator sooner than you have to. In addition, if over-heating occurs you could damage your engine. This is why you need to replace your coolant mixture according to your vehicles manufacturers' recommendation.

Fuel injection cleaning - clean fuel injectors are a must for peak engine performance, fuel economy and clean emissions. If fuel injectors are dirty and can't deliver their normal dose of fuel, performance, fuel economy and emissions all suffer. Fuel injector clogging can lean out fuel mixture. This can cause misfire. Today's gasoline is a mixture of many different types of hydrocarbons, including oil fins which are heavy waxy compounds. The heavier the hydrocarbon, the more energy it yields when it burns and the more likely it is to clog injectors. Fuel injector cleaning on a regular basis removes these compounds, improves engine performance and fuel economy while producing cleaner emissions.

Brake flush - brake fluid is hygroscopic, meaning it seeks moisture. This moisture can cause rust, which is very detrimental to today's anti-lock brake systems. Brake systems aren't indestructible. Parts, like the rubber in the valves in the master cylinder, calipers and wheel cylinders deteriorate. All the nasty little bits that flake off end up in your brake fluid. Plus, the fluid itself can get old and worn out. Moisture can also get in the system. That leads to rust, which leads to more nasty bits in your brake fluid. All this adds up to a brake system with compromised effectiveness and decreased stopping power.

Power Steering Flush - your vehicle's wheels are controlled by the power steering system. Power steering fluid lubricates the system, keeping it free of contaminants. When additives in the power steering fluid wear down, the system does not operate properly. Sludge, varnish, stiffness, leaks and power steering system failure can occur.
Benefits of a power steering fluid flush:

  • revitalizes and conditions seals
  • prevents hard steering in cold climates
  • eliminates rack and pinion steering stiffness
  • decreases power steering noises and whining
  • removes harmful deposits from the power steering system
  • minimizes risk of leaks and premature power system failure

Throttle body cleaning - throttle body service includes the wiping of the bore and throttle blades. This service is important in order to keep the vehicle running smoothly, efficiently and safely. Careful and regular throttle body service will keep the emissions from the engines exhaust system in check. There is also increased sound when the throttle is applied by way of the accelerator. If the vehicle is operated at lower speeds, there is less noise coming from the engine. However, at higher speeds, the engine tends to become very noisy. These two statements make the throttle body service important in itself, as it makes the automobile more environmentally friendly.

Brake caliper service - brake pads are constantly being used which causes stress and wear on your vehicle brake system. A caliper service removes the amount of rust that can build up between the spindle brackets and the brake pads. This will ensure that the brake pads can retract (slide freely) from the rotors after each application, rather than drag which contributes to abnormal brake wear. The service includes:

  • Remove the brake calipers
  • Remove the caliper slide pins from the spindle. Clean and apply new caliper slide grease to the pins and reinstall.
  • Remove the brake pads from the spindle brackets. Clean or sand the contact points on the spindle where the brake pads rest.
  • Apply caliper slide grease to the spindle bracket where the brake pads contact.
  • Apply the caliper slide grease to the brake pad where they come into contact on the spindle brackets.
  • Reassemble the brake pads and calipers.
  • Road test for quality

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